Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2019 announcement

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Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2019 announcement

Welcome to the Nikola Tesla EV Rally in Croatia, officially the most beautiful and quietest rally in the world.

It is an event in his homeland that would have made Nikola Tesla proud. An event whose past participants have included the mother of Mr Modern Day Tesla, Maye Musk, the new king of electric supercars, Mate Rimac. An event which takes place in a country of staggering natural beauty, 10% of which is given over to national and nature parks.

Now in its 6th year, this unique rally comprises a luxury tour of the finest sights, nature, hotels and gourmet experiences that Croatia has to offer.

An 8-day luxury electric vehicle rally over 1,500 km  taking in Croatia's fabled coastline and islands, 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 4 national parks, 3 Game of Thrones filming locations, and the birthplace of Nikola Tesla himself in Smiljan.

Starting at luxury Novi Spa Hotels and Resort in Novi Vinodolski, the rally will be based at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, before heading north to Šibenik, then inland to Smiljan, Plitvice Lakes and finishing in Zagreb with spectacular “Drag race” in city center , who is also the patron of this yearꞌs rally.

The electric vehicle revolution is taking off in Croatia, largely due to the efforts of the rally organisers, and full charging options are catered for.

As just one part of its contribution to sustainable tourism, the Nikola Tesla EV Rally is the only rally in the world which leaves infrastructure for e-vehicles behind. This includes a charging station donated at the birthplace of Tesla in Smiljan.

The rally attracts a truly international field each year, with many from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland and Norway, as well as further afield from Canada and South Africa. Last year's rally saw the remarkable sight of 50 Teslas alone on a ferry at one time. The rally is not a race as such (although there are 3 skill exam/speed race included), more a leisurely drive admiring one of the truly more glorious natural paradises in the world.

Rally is supported by the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ)  who has recognized the opportunity to brand Croatia as “E-mobility friendly” destination through this unique e-luxury tour.

If you are interested in seeing the magic of the country which gave the world Nikola Tesla in a manner in which he would surely have approved, learn more about the Nikola Tesla EV Rally.