Solar autonomous charging station “Sunčica/Eva Sun”

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Solar autonomous charging station “Sunčica/Eva Sun”

"Suncica" is designed to enable electric vehicle users to charge their vehicles clean and fast with clean energy in a specially designed environment.

"Solar" is a Solar Autonomous Modular Station with a battery storage that is powered by primary solar energy and allows users to conveniently and easily charge electric vehicles.

Configuration to be the most energy-efficient charging solution for electric vehicles which consist of 50 kw peak solar panels that will save energy in a 500 kwh battery, enough to quickly charge 10 vehicles at a time, for which in Croatia there is still no need but thinking about the very near future, "Suncica" is modularly configured and at any time it is easy to add more batteries to the storage or more solar panels and car chargers that are also modular, and there are over 25 kw of additional chargers.

The current standard for fast charging is 50 kw, but it will soon become twice as fast and for that purpose, additional batteries and chargers can be installed in Sunčica. The experience we have gained by charging 50 and more vehicles at once during our "Nikola Tesla Ev Relija" as well as the enormous experience of operating and driving electric vehicles, we have embedded in "Sunčica" as the first integrated solar charging station for electric vehicles in its area air-conditioned relaxing area with wi-fi, TV screen, vending machines with organic local products and the Virtual Reality Room for special experiences while waiting for your vehicle to recharge. "Sunčica" is conceived as the true chapel of e-mobility, a space adapted to new mobility where people devote more attention to the environment and to themselves with a much lower cost than ever.

The "Sunčica" will be integrated into a special type of digitized advertising as an additional source of revenue. Users will have the option of subscription, and charging prices will vary on subscription but will rarely exceed 10 euros which is the average cost of charging. A substantial source of revenue will also generate additional products and content.

Sunčica will be set up on motorways and entrance to cities and within cities, depending on the configuration of a particular terrain, the most acceptable solution will be implemented.

More then 75% of tourists are coming to Croatia with personal vehicles and among them, an increasing number of those arriving by electric vehicles and they are tourists we desire,  environmentally-conscious, non-polluting and consuming four times more than the average guests coming with their fossil fuel vehicles, which leave tens of thousands of tons of exhaust gases every year in the country.

By 2020, Croatia will have between one and two percent of the share of e-vehicles, and it will have up to 5 percent of the existing 2000 bargaining network by signing EU contracts.

This is also the biggest problem in accelerating the expansion of e-mobility in Croatia. It is almost impossible to set up and connect to the network as th cost of connecting excede cost of charging stations by double so our “Sunčica” is not only ideal but the only business-logical solution and enormous benefits are also available to the wider social community. Imagine that in a small town of 5,000 people suddenly all people are using electric vehicles; in this case, their running costs are ten times lower than those in the neighboring city that continue to run on fossil fuels.

The substantial reduction in the cost of owning a conventional vehicle, which in some families in Croatia amounts to half of the total household budget, will bring about the same budget and will increase consumption that will be more appropriately reallocated to food, culture, sports, entertainment, clothing, books, cinema , concerts etc. Less money for energy and less money for spare parts means more for families with more job opportunities and mobility. Sunčica is entirely croatian product and gives independece with use of solar energy that does not depend on the governemnt and the power grid.

In Croatia, 2 million vehicles are currently registered, now all kinds of electric vehicles in Croatia have around 1500 and the main problem is the lack of infrastructure, unless you drive a Tesla.

"To set up a fast charger in Croatia today it is necessary to pay huge amounts for network connectivity, which amounts to twice the price of the charger itself and the waiting period to be connected along with power distribution problems if you really want to provide fast charging to vehicles is unstable. Because of the inability to co-operate with HEP in first two years of our Nikola Tesla EV rally which left us charging 50 vehicle on diesel generators, we got the idea of ​​solar battery charger with battery storage", says Igor Kolovrat, CEO of EVA BLUE and creator of “Sunčica” and we made a prototype of 50 kwh that we exhibited on GPEX fair in Barcelona 17-20.09.2018.

Apart from Tesla, most of the charging stations in Croatia are so called “slow chargers” (E.V.A. BLUE has set up or initiated a large majority of chargers in Croatia).

Our focus is on “fast” solar chargers and battery storage (starting at 150-200 kwh) in order to avoid costly peaks of e-power (from 1750 kn per kwh), energy inactivity with autonomous solar systems with battery power storage are the best long term solution. As the number of users will grow so will modular capacity increase also. The technology will continue advance, cost will decrease and efficiency will increase.

Therefore, it is necessary to take key locations and attract "early adopters" because the Tesla drivers and other e-vehicles are extremely loyal and very much attached to "so-called" green technologies.

The investment per station amounts to about 300,000 euros with all construction costs, paperwork, permits etc. (given the Croatian institutions with which we have to meet the implementation of this project, there are possible deviations).

This project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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