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Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2018

The spectacular parade of Tesla vehicles through the heart of Zagreb, starting from Ban Jelačić Square to St. Marks Church with award ceremony and announcement of winners in Palace Dverce on the Upper Town od 10 June, this years rally came to an end.

Fifth in a row, international „Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2018“ traditionally started in Istria from Poreč and during 8 days and 1550 km, 60 teams drove through the most beautiful locations of Croatia passing over four islands and 6 national parks the route that is officially called „Green electric highway“ along with charging stations.

Every year this innovative and unique tourist project moves the boundaries and promotes Croatia in the best possible way in Europe and arround the world as it is the only e-rally of this kind which makes it original. We are especially proud city of Zagreb recognized and supported our idea to finish in front of St.Marks Church in Upper City in Zagreb, the picture of 60 e-vehicles parked in front of the Church showed sinergy connecting Zagreb historical and cultural legacy with the future that has allready begun, writting a new page in history.

We drive entire route on panoramic sea-side roads, crossing over four islands which made it fast and safe by Jadolinija Ferry Boats and this year we had even the largest number of Tesla vehicles on one ferry in the world. All of this would not be possible without HEP, Government owned distributor of e-energy which allowed us to charge 50-60 vehicles at one place at the same time connecting directly on their traffo-stations.

HEP was the first in Croatia to recognize the Euorpean trend of sustainable development in energy and transport sectors, and beside setting ELEN charging stations in cooperation with partners and cities it is planned to set up a network of fast and ultra-fast chargers on highways which will be co-financed through EU funds and make organization of our rally more easy in the following years to come.

Rally has international character, participants come mostly from Germany, Austria,Switzerland, UK and Skandinavian countries but also from Canada, USA and South African Rep., and have never been to Croatia so our rally is their first contact with our country which is a great honor but also a great responsibility and therefore all of the location on the route were chosen carefully to show participants the best of Croatia cultural heritage, natural beauty, wine and gastro scene. Also, there was enough adrenaline as they could test the „race tracks“ on airports in Vrsar and island Mali Lošinj.

Organizatori s pobjednicima relija

Combining e-mobility, ecology and tourism, our rally become globally recognized under the name of „Nikola Tesla EV Rally“ giving Croatia an unique opportunity to brand itself as and „e-mobility friendly“ destination and the homeland of Nikola Tesla whose initiative we launched in 2016, which was recognized by the Ministry of Enviromental Protection and Energy, whose Minister Mr.Tomislav Ćorić joined our rally and simbolically drove a part of the route from Otočac to NP Plitvice Lakes.

Winners 2018 :

  1. PLACE: Manuel Strohmeier –Tesla Model X (Austria)
  2. PLACE: Davy Van Poucke-Tesla Model S (Belgium)
  3. PLACE: Klaus Schafer – Tesla Model S (Germany)

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